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About us

Iran Fruit Trading Company, as a main Iran fruit and vegetables supplier, has an experience over 21 years in domestic export and import. The main activity is fresh and dried fruit, kinds of beans and nuts.  We have a head office in Samarkand Uzbekistan and a representative office in Mashhad. We are active in the field of manufacturing, packaging and supplying of all kinds of first grade fruits, beans and dried nuts from the best regions. Cultivation is in Uzbekistan and Central Asia. It should be noted that since these products are supplied directly from the farmer without intermediaries, the finished price is very affordable. The company is also ready to ship products to neighboring countries in transit.


Iran Fruit Trading, with a turnover of more than $1000000 yearly, is one the most successful companies in the field of food, fresh and dried fruit and nuts.

Enhancing financial strength and raising fund, attracting skilled manpower, supplying products from the best and most efficient gardens and resources is always one of our main goals.


We believe that we must devote all our efforts to providing the health of the Iranian community and other members of the Buyers’ Club.


Iran Fruit trading employs skilled and experienced people in the field of export, import and transit of products like kinds of goods, fresh fruits, nuts, bean,….

Marketing, Purchasing and Clearance

We achieved suitable rank in Iran”s market and Middle Asia. Important factors of this progress are professional staff, strong foundation and taking logical steps. The process of marketing, purchasing and clearance are managed by skilled personnel at head office and branches.

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